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Winning Plays

Jul 27, 2021

Brian Robb and Rich Levine dissect the latest rumors surrounding Bradley Beal debating asking out of Washington this week. The guys analyze potential trade packages the Celtics could offer, how they stack up against the competition and what a Celtics team with Beal might look like before some Team USA talk. 

Jul 22, 2021

Brian Robb and Rich Levine chat with Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report to discuss Brad Stevens' rising to a front office role, Ime Udoka's coaching staff, the future of Boston's front office and much more before discussing his new book Built to Lose: How the NBA's tanking era changed the league forever 

Jul 16, 2021

Brian Robb and Rich Levine discuss the expected arrival of Yam Madar for Celtics summer league in Las Vegas and what the rest of the team might look like. The guys also break down championship odds for Boston next year, some alternative roster building scenarios for the best two years and much more. 

Jul 9, 2021

Brian Robb and Rich Levine discuss Jayson Tatum joining Team USA, the possibility of him joining forces with Bradley Beal or other All-Stars in future seasons, Boston's new hires on Ime Udoka's coaching staff and what's next for the front office.