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Winning Plays

Feb 25, 2022

Brian Robb chats with Taylor Snow of about the C's impressive stretch of play, how high they can rise in the Eastern Conference and new trade additions of Derrick White and Daniel Theis. 

Feb 18, 2022

Brian Robb and Chris Forsberg dissect the Celtics after their first week playing together following the trade deadline. They also dig deeper into the additions of Derrick White and Daniel Theis and what they could signal about the franchise's plans moving forward. 

Feb 11, 2022

Brian Robb and Ryan Bernardoni react to a flurry of trades on deadline day. 

Feb 8, 2022

Brian Robb and Chris Forsberg of NBC Sports Boston analyze the latest rumblings surrounding Marcus Smart, Dennis Schroder and Al Horford along with whether the team's turnaround will impact the team's trade deadline decisions. The guys also make their predictions for what happens this week. 

Feb 4, 2022

Brian Robb and Souichi Terada of react to the moving pieces in the Blazers/Clippers five-player deal and what it might mean for the Celtics and overall trade market. The guys also analyze Boston's recent improved play and what to expect heading into deadline week.