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Winning Plays

Mar 23, 2022

Brian Robb and Tom Westerholm of break down the East playoff race and examine potential scenarios for the Celtics over the final few weeks of the season. How will team handle the ability to jockey for a preferred first round opponent? Could C's make a run at top seed? Also, takeaways from the west...

Mar 16, 2022

Brian Robb and Chris Forsberg of NBC Sports Boston analyze the Celtics' recent play amid a crucial four-game West coast swing. They also break down the East standings and playoff picture before getting into some closing thoughts about KG's jersey retirement ceremony and who could head to rafters next for Boston 

Mar 8, 2022

Brian Robb and Ryan Bernardoni dissect a host of tops in wake of a standout week for Boston, including realistic title odds, Jayson Tatum's ascent, the East playoff picture, trade deadline decisions,  how big of a surprise is Boston's turnaround in reality and much more. 

Mar 3, 2022

Brian Robb and Brendan Jackson discuss Jaylen Brown's ankle injury and lineup adjustments in his absence. The guys also get into Derrick White's first few weeks with the team, the progression of Grant Williams and the Eastern Conference landscape.